About Us

JEDD Technologies Corp. (JEDDTECH) is an electrical and automation company based in the Philippines. JEDDTECH’s core business is providing turnkey solutions, using state of the art technology, to the electric power industry in the area of SCADA, Protection, and Control and its associated communication equipment.


JEDD is an acronym for Joint Engineering Design and Development which is the business philosophy which JEDDTECH follows in serving its clients. This means the client and JEDDTECH will jointly work in coming up with an engineering solution that will make the client improve their service, cut cost and become competitive. JEDD process entails a lot of interaction and consultation with the client and involves numerous go/no go decisions, making sure the project will meet its objective and yield maximum benefits.


Whether a replacement of an old Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), metering equipment, or protection relays or an installation of a new SCADA Systems, JEDDTECH has a solution for you. JEDDTECH has extensive experience in upgrading your equipment either in the phased/incremental approach or to full or total replacement of your obsolete equipment at minimal cost and interruptions to your operations.


JEDDTECH’s core technical group has extensive experience in the electric power industry. Most of them used to work with the state power utility company of the Philippine Government.


In managing projects, JEDDTECH subscribes to the principles espoused by the Project Management Institute (PMI). We have engineers who are certified Project Management Professional (PMP).


JEDDTECH was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the year 2000 in anticipation of the requirements for new products and services of the restructured electric power industry in the Philippines.


In early 2010, JEDDTECH organized a construction division. JEDDTECH is a licensed contractor by PCAB with the following classification: Electrical Works, Waterproofing Works, General Building and General Engineering.



Our Mission


To provide state of the art, high technology, quality products and services to our clients in the electric power industry to improve their services and meet performance standards, minimize cost, increase productivity and become competitive in the global market. We are committed in achieving full customer satisfaction in the product and services we deliver.



Our Vision


To be recognized in the industry as a solution provider with good track record and satisfied customers. We will aspire to be a global engineering company from the Philippines.