Green Building


JEDDTECH supports the concept of green building. JEDDTECH is the exclusive distributor and contractor/installer in the Philippines of two green building products namely, the energy efficient thermoplastic waterproofing/roofing system and the skylight natural lighting system.



Energy Efficient Roofing System


Protecting control centers, substations and power plants from leaking water due to roof failures is a perennial problem of utility companies. Conventional waterproofing are only effective after a few years. In line of its mission of introducing new technologies to solve the client’s problem, JEDDTECH has successfully installed a thermoplastic energy efficient roofing system manufactured by DUROLAST ROOFING OF USA in two key buildings of Transco located in its main office in Diliman, Quezon City


JEDDTECH is an authorized dealer/contractor of DURO-LAST Roofing System. DUROLAST Roofing System which is a thermoplastic membrane attached mechanically to roofs or roof-decks. DUROLAST Roofing has several purposes, it can be a roof itself, a waterproofing to an existing roof or roof-deck and as an insulation shield since it has a high reflective value.


DUROLAST advantages over conventional torch-applied waterproofing membranes or waterproofing elastomeric paints are summarized as follows:


1.  It is very durable. It carries a 15 years warranty. This means you don’t have to worry about yearly maintenance or replacement of your waterproofing every three as in the case of conventional torch-applied membranes.

2.  DUROLAST does not use adhesives which will fail once water penetrates it. But instead, it is mechanically attached to the roofdeck by means of screws. In this way, installation is very fast, clean, little noise, minimal disruption. Moreover, because of the deep penetrating screws, it can withstand the highest wind velocity such as typhoons and hurricanes.

3.  DUROLAST can reflect 86% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This translates to an energy savings on air-conditioning cost.  Using DUROLAST will jibe with the government’s plan to encourage green buildings as mandated by the renewable energy act of 2008.

4.   DUROLAST is flame retardant as certified by UL and Factory Mutual

5.  DUROLAST is very light, its weight is only 1.5 kg per square meter. This means your building is not under stress unlike in conventional waterproofing wherein the weight of the concrete toppings alone is very heavy.


Skylight Natural Lighting System