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Protection Relays – as the authorized distributor/agent of Alstom Grid, we carry all Micom protection range of relays  and automation products in the Philippines. The following relays are our best seller:

  • Micom P821 Breaker Failure Relay
  • Micom P443 Distance Relay
  • KBCH 140, Micom P63x Transformer Differential Relay   
  • Micom P546 Line Differential Relay
  • Micom P122, 123 Overcurrent Relay
  • Micom P127 Directional Overcurrent Relay
  • Micom P923 Over/Under Frequency Relay


Low and Medium Voltage Breakers

Power Meters & Transducers

Power Quality Analyzer

PC-Based Transient Recorders

UPS and Industrial Batteries

Auto-synchronizing Relay Switch Controller for HV Substations

Automatic Generation Control Panel