Electrical – Systems


Protection Relay Panel – We produce completely wired protection relay panels that conforms to IEC quality standards. We use Micom range of protection relays in our panel. We have supplied, delivered and commissioned the following protection relay in IP61 enclosure:

  • Breaker Failure Relay Panel
  • Transformer Differential Relay Panel
  • Overcurrent Relay Panel
  • Distance Relay Panel
  • Current Differential Relay for Line Protection


We install, test and commission these relay panels. Our completely wired panels conforms to the highest quality standards both for the equipment and materials used.


We are an authorized  distributor/ agent of Alstom Micom Protection range of relays  and automation products in the Philippines.


Control Panel

Substation Control Panel

Transformer Control Panel

Bay Control Panel


Switchgear - We supply locally made as well as imported low voltage and medium voltage switchgear. We can also retrofit an existing switchgear by replacing the old air circuit breaker or oil circuit breaker by vacuum circuit breaker with minimal downtime. We also upgrade electromechanical protection relays and meters in old switchgear with numerical type protection relay and microprocessor based power meters.


Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)